If you are a responsible and doting dog owner, you’d be willing to try just about anything to make your dog happy, I mean, I would. There are some dogs who are under the treatment of Prozac and Xanax with fish oil supplement but doesn’t seem to really work out, according to Dogster. CBD for pets has been a growing trend recently despite the fact that there are still questions in the minds of dog owners like, “is cannabis safe for pets?”, etc. What I think is that the opposition towards CBD oil as an alternative treatment stems from the lack of studies proving it effective. In the past couple of years however, lots of cases emerged proving that it has a very high medicinal value, even in the veterinary field. We’re going to talk about separation anxiety and how it affects our little canine friends. According to an article posted by Seven Leaf Pets, there are numerous historical references to cannabis’ medical uses. Some may think that this is not something big, but believe me, this is one major issue most dog owners face every single day. There are lots of ways to counter this problem, and those ways are not as hard as you think.

Pets CBD 101: Watching Out for the Signs

As a dog owner, you should be wary enough to look out for signs and symptoms of separation anxiety in your pets, and honestly, these are pretty obvious signs. Destructive behavior and persistent barking are the most common signs. However, there are cases when pets defecate and urinate inside the home unattended and even go for coprophagia. Attempts to escape can also be a sign of anxiety and stress. Watch out for these.

Finding a Cure

Most people have already tried conventional pharmaceutical methods for treatment to no avail, having adverse side effects. Now that CBD hemp oil for pets is available in the market, there are other ways to give your dogs and pets a better way of life – a life they deserve. Now there’s a way to relieve pet anxiety and stress. CBD and cannabis can be a safe and non-toxic medicine for pets, according to Revivid. This is the very reason why pet owners believe they shouldn’t be denied of it. Every living being deserves the highest quality of life and that what Seven Leaf Pets is all about. Feel free to reach out at 775-453-4696 or e-mail us at fetch@sevenleafpets.com.