There is still a lot of skepticism with the use of marijuana in the veterinary field, perhaps because of the stigma surrounding cannabis in general. Using marijuana for dogs and other animals have already been widely practiced in the past couple of years and have shown promising results. Healthy and safe dog treats are now available on the market, according to High Times. I’ve seen dogs suffer from anxiety, may it be separation or perhaps from fireworks during the 4th of July celebration, and you can just pity the little mutts. Cannabis impacts dogs the same way as humans, based on an article posted in

Marijuana dogs can now be seen all over the Internet, happy canines living life to the fullest. We are passionate about our furry pals and we would do everything so they can spent the rest of their lives happy and healthy. If you feel the same way about your pets, CBD is something you must consider. It solves many common canine ailments such as anxiety. 

Dog Marijuana For Anxiety and Behavior Issues

The use of medical cannabis in veterinary medicine, though still frowned upon by some, is already being openly accepted. Hemp is actually the one being widely used since it contains high levels of CBD and low THC. In addition, dogs are somewhat extremely sensitive to THC, way more than other animals. Anxiety and fear are the most common issues dog owners face. There are numerous signs of anxiety and are displayed with certain behaviors, according to Healthy Pets. CBD treatment proved to have significant effects on dogs suffering from anxiety attacks and also works well with hyperactive dogs. CBD seems to calm them down and in turn, makes the owner a little at ease, seeing such improvement on their furry friends.

Pain and Anxiety No More

Pain can be the root of what makes your dog anxious, I mean, I’d be anxious as well if I was in pain. Marijuana is a well-known treatment for pain management, which means that CBD treats works both ways – alleviating pain and anxiety treatment. See? Marijuana is a miracle drug after all. As a dog owner myself, I wouldn’t hesitate giving my dogs this alternative treatment. Choose to give your dogs the best, like what they do at Pay them a visit at 3495 Lakeside Drive, Reno, Nevada. You can also contact them at 775-453-4696 or send an e-mail at to learn more about the wonders of cannabis for your furry friends.