Cannabis Oil Dogs: Effects on the Mutt’s Mind

Marijuana’s use in the medical field has been a hot topic ever since. Nowadays, it has been a major subject for debate in veterinary medicine. Facts about cannabis get muddled because of personal opinions, personal experiences, and squabbles about values. Embracing pot as medicine seems to be pretty far-fetched due to the fact that it lacks thorough research. Cannabis is still illegal under the United States federal law, although some states have already legalized it even for recreational use. Have you ever considered marijuana for your dog? It’s true that marijuana holds promise with its high medicinal value, but there are also reports of accidental pet intoxication. Cannabinoid receptors are the main pathways for the effects of cannabis, something that humans and dogs have in common. According to Quartz, the marijuana industry’s newest customers are sick and elderly dogs. Cannabis oil dogs are now being marketed for household pets as alternative medication for diseases. The real question is if this has some adverse effects on your beloved pets? Seven Leaf Pets will shed a little light for you to see.

A Harmless Method of Treatment

While it’s true that THC or tetrahydrocannabinol may be harmful for animals, it most likely has psychoactive effects as well. CBD or cannabidiol on the other hand, has proven to be beneficial according to research. Although, we have to consider the fact that not all cannabis treats are THC-free. Dogs and cannabis oil seem to be a very good mix because of the many positive results dogs have gotten from CBD. In fact, according to Leafly, even seizures are being treated with CBD. While conventional treatments have adverse side effects like liver damage, CBD has shown that it doesn’t. There’s a wide array of diseases and conditions that can be treated, namely cancer, pain, epileptic seizures, and skin conditions – without the psychoactive effects that THC usually has.

An Innovation in Modern Medicine

Cannabis oil for dogs is now utilized as a means of alternative therapy that gives shivers to big pharmaceutical companies out there. CBD is carefully synthesized from the cannabis plant, thus removing its psychoactive properties that can alter your dog’s behavior. Although the use of CBD has been heavily criticized by certain societies, the fact can’t be denied that this is an advancement in modern medicine. No use of expensive drugs from big pharmaceutical companies, no veterinary bills – just pure organic. Seven Leaf Pets will continue to move forward and make its mark in modem medicine and pet care.