CBD for Pets: Why Seven Leaf Pets Suggests CBD for your Aging Pets

Medical marijuana has only recently been made legitimate in 23 states and permitted for recreational use in 4 states. With this information, it is safe to say that the cannabis industry is burgeoning in America. Along with its flourishing, the big marijuana business in the US has started treading on a categorically new territory with pet-pot market. CBD for Pets is now looking into catering to aging and ailing furry pets. Seven Leaf Pets, producer of CBD products for pets, is fully on board with the idea. In fact, the owner has three dogs so he understands that pets need special foods, supplements and pampering.

Hemp CBD is a Beneficial Alternative to Medicine

Most of the companies that produce CBD-derived pet products prefer to use hemp because of its Schedule 1 substance classification which is still defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use. Unlike the plants that are generally grown for marijuana use, the product hemp has a significantly low amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – so low that it does not guarantee a high. Cannabidiol, however, or CBD, is the chemical in marijuana and hemp that treats pain. Aside from this, hemp contains more medicinal components compared to marijuana and it does not cause static ataxia, which is a very scary condition experienced by dogs when they ingest more than the ideal amount of THC. In Seven Leaf Pets, they create products that are basically made out of CBD Oil for Pets. Thus, they contain no THC. They are not considered as drugs and are not controlled by the Federal government.

Hemp CBD Products Have Been Proven to Treat Your Pets’ Illness

Food products and medicine for pets that contain Pets CBD Oil are being marketed to people who own ailing and elderly pets because these products act as natural pain relievers without getting them high. They are not going to make your pets stoned – instead, they will help take the discomfort and anxiety away, and treat a number of illness and conditions. Animals respond to hemp the same way humans do. According to a study made by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, CBD can treat inflammation, diabetes and cancer. The CBD-induced products of Seven Leaf Pets help improve a variety of physiological processes such as appetite, memory, nausea and inflammation.

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