Dogs and Cannabis: Why Cannabis is Good for Your Dog

For the first time, a majority of American citizens want the legalizing of marijuana. Because of this, the potential uses of cannabis have also increased – including administering it to our dogs. Dogs and Cannabis is still a hot topic for debate on whether it really can be beneficial for our sick dogs but this had not deterred concerned dog owners and investors away from the many good possibilities of the product. Seven Leaf Pets, producer of CBD products for pets, completely thinks cannabis is good for your dog. In fact, the owner has three dogs so he understands that pets need special foods, supplements and pampering – the kind that only cannabis-induced products can provide.

Cannabis Impacts Dogs the Same Way Humans

Dogs also have cannabinoid receptors like humans. In effect, they can experience the same impacts cannabis can do to humans – however, they should be more checked from time to time. These effects can vary depending on the size of the dog but puppies in their first eight months must not be exposed to any cannabis product. This carelessness can risk them having complications in their adult dog years. There are, however, a number or dog owners that purposely pair Cannabis and Dogs because of the safe use and medicinal benefits of the plant. With Seven Leaf Pets, they create products that are basically made out of CBD. Thus, they contain no THC. They are not considered as drugs and are not controlled by the Federal government.

Cannabis Can Alleviate Pain in Dogs

As dog owners, we have to check the effects of cannabinoids on our furry friends in line with its benefits on humans. It is a common fact that marijuana can stimulate people’s appetite – the same effect happens on dogs. A lot of dog owners intentionally give Cannabis Products and Dogs to help with their conditions like eating disorders, seizures, even anxiety. Darlene Arden, a certified animal behavior consultant that advocates for medical marijuana for animals, said in an article made by Buzzfeed that medical marijuana has offered pain relief to dogs. She also stated that it has helped with dogs that were undergoing chemotherapy and has helped relieve their nausea while stimulating their appetites. “It gives them quality of life,” she added. The CBD-induced products of Seven Leaf Pets help improve a variety of physiological processes such as appetite, memory, nausea and inflammation.

Our furry friends can’t make choices on their treatments – as owners, you are given this responsibility. CBD Hemp Oil is good for your pets and can tell you why. Visit us today at 3495 Lakeside Drive, Reno, Nevada to learn more about our products. You can also shoot as an email at or call 775-453-4696 for more information.