Liquid 150 (Approx 30 day supply for pet under 25 lbs.)

Made from the finest European Hemp available this herbal supplement contains the full spectrum of naturally present phytocannabinoids and terpenes found in this remarkable herb including 150 mg of cannabidiol (CBD). We suspended it in the best fractionated coconut oil we could find. Coconut oil is naturally hypoallergenic.

Recommended use:

25 lbs. or less – 2 mils. (Approx. 1 dropper)

25-50 lbs. – 4 mils. (Approx. 2 droppers)

50-75 lbs. – 6 mils. (Approx. 3 droppers)

Add 2 ml. (Approx. 1 dropper) for every 25 lbs.

For more precise dosing use an oral syringe.

Your veterinarian may suggest different dosages based on specific health factors associated with your pet.