Our team of idealistic health minded individuals have been learning and using supplements to optimize our own health and our pets’ health for decades. As we learned about the benefits of phyto-cannabinoids (p-CBDs) we started looking for what products were available that we would take ourselves. We discovered opportunities not yet fully realized in the market.  After witnessing significant health benefits in ourselves and our pets, we embarked on the mission to produce a science based approach to providing the best cannabidiol products possible. Our team consists of experts in manufacturing, chemistry, and biology. As our knowledge base increases, our products will evolve. Our commitment will always be to produce the best products based on the most current scientific knowledge. You can count on our products to represent the leading edge of what is currently known for delivering optimum p-CBD bio-availability for healthier pets. Thank you for your trust. We won’t let you down.


At Seven Leaf Pets, we understand the importance of our furry family members. They deserve to benefit from the latest and best health information that we discover. Some of our pets are healthy and some are struggling to stay or become healthy because of age or illness. In either case, our full spectrum phyto-cannabinoid (p-CBD) formulas are extracted from legal industrial hemp and are designed to help your pet to stay healthy, as a protectant, or to provide assistance in helping them fight off symptoms and conditions afflicting them by enhancing their endocannabinoid system.

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Testimonial Quote.

After reading about how the endocannabinoid system helps to balance the immune system, I decided to try using phyto-cannabinoids to help my Belle’s canine lupus. Belle is a beautiful German Short Hair Pointer. By simply adding a CBD-Rich Hemp Oil to her diet, I’ve seen a great improvement in the way her nose looks. We started her at the end of July. The bleeding has stopped and the flaking is almost completely gone.

Sherry - Reno, NV

Testimonial Quote

My cat has congestive heart failure. She was lethargic and sickly with a terrible prognosis. After five days on Seven Leaf Pets’ oil 5 mg twice a day, she has shown huge improvement in her attitude. Her check up with the vet was outstanding. He was impressed. Her heart shows great improvement. I will keep you posted on further progress.

Tony - Skaneateles, NY
Took the lotion home; after relaying the info about terpene blend to my wife, she tried the lotion on her legs [She has psoriasis]. Absolutely amazing the improvement on her legs. Should have taken before and after. Want to get more and try on pets. The inflammation, itching and evidence of healing in just a short time!! I think you have a winner with that terpene profile.
Dr. L - Veterinarian, Reno, NV (Human test subject)
After a bad ski accident: After three surgeries and a lot of trauma to my knee and quadriceps, I enjoy using the hemp spectrum lotion on my knee and leg. With a wonderful tingling, it helps to relax my tendons and muscles and works below the surface. I appreciate the fact that this CBD cream includes terpenes and other properties of the Hemp Cannabis plant. This kind of product is hard to find.
Katie - No. Lake Tahoe back country skier and educator (Human test subject)