How Does CBD Oil Work?

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Science has now confirmed that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system. All mammals produce endocannabinoids. The bodies of mammals also contain cannabinoid receptors throughout the body.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a group of endogenous cannabinoid receptors located in the mammalian brain and throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems, consisting of neuromodulatory lipids and their receptors. Known as “the body’s own cannabinoid system”, the ECS is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory, and in mediating the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Two primary endocannabinoid receptors have been identified: CB1, first cloned in 1990; and CB2, cloned in 1993. CB1 receptors are found predominantly in the brain and nervous system, as well as in peripheral organs and tissues, and are the main molecular target of the endocannabinoid ligand (binding molecule), Anandamide, as well as its mimetic phytocannabinoid, THC. One other main endocannabinoid is 2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) which is active at both cannabinoid receptors, along with its own mimetic phyto-cannabinoid, CBD. 2-AG and CBD are involved in the regulation of appetite, immune system functions and pain management.

The endocannabinoid system, broadly speaking, includes:

The neuronsneural pathways, and other cells where these molecules, enzymes, and one or both cannabinoid receptor types are all colocalized form the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system has been studied using genetic and pharmacological methods. These studies have revealed that cannabinoids act as neuromodulators for a variety of processes, including motor learning, appetite, and pain sensation, among other cognitive and physical processes. The localization of the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system has a very large degree of overlap with the orexinergic projection system, which mediates many of the same functions, both physical and cognitive. Moreover, CB1 is colocalized on orexin projection neurons in the lateral hypothalamus and many output structures of the orexin system, where the CB1 and orexin receptor 1 (OX1) receptors physically and functionally join together to form the CB1–OX1 receptor heterodimer.

Though rigorous research has been difficult due to the current regulatory environment, cost, and the inability of pharma to patent the natural contents of a plant, there is a rapidly growing body of clinical and testimonial evidence that cannabinoid intake, particularly Cannabidiol rich Hemp Oil may be effective in the management of pain, nausea, seizures, improving the body’s immune system, skin care as well as other much more dramatic uses in the treatment of proliferative, neurologic, psychological and dermatological conditions. Much more research is needed but the relative safety of p-CBD rich Hemp Oil presents an opportunity for clinical and domestic use of a natural compound with no documented detrimental effects in its use for skin care or as a nutritional ingestible supplement.

Imagine trying a natural nutraceutical in place of or in conjunction with more traditional treatments and discovering that your pets are responsive without the side effects of more aggressive medications and/or doses. Providing your pets with p-CBD rich Hemp Oil as a protectant to help optimize the function of your pet’s endocannabinoid system to potentially help a healthy pet stay healthy.

Although our products are full spectrum, they are legal under the 2018 and 2018 federal Farm Acts and contain an immeasurable amount of THC at detection level (LOQ) of 0.05%. Available studies suggest that the remaining phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes contain significant health benefits. And because our products do not contain measurable amounts of THC, they are non-psychoactive. They produce no high or euphoric state at recommended doses. This is a great benefit for treating pets.

We invite you to review the available research, clinical experience, and user testimonials to see if this is a worthwhile approach that you may consider when administering our products to your pets.

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