Cats have been known to reach ages of up to 20 years, that is if they live indoors. As their age ripens, certain health conditions also arise such as diabetes and arthritis. It’s also a known fact that cats age more gracefully than dogs, but they still age, according to WebMD. When you’re a cat owner, you should always see to it that they get the best quality of life that you can afford. Cats CBD as well as other alternative forms of treatment are now being utilized by the majority of veterinary practitioners. Lots of cases have been reported stating that their cats live close to 20 but encounter countless difficulties and illnesses associated with age.

Cats that are well taken care of may live a very happy life until their golden years but that doesn’t mean they don’t encounter any medical conditions along the way. Alternative treatments especially CBD for cats aid in the final days of our feline friends, easing the pain as well as giving a higher quality of life. That’s what Seven Leaf Pets is all about – making things better the natural way.

Common Health Issues Treated With CBD Cats

One of the most common health issues with senior cats is heart disease, although there are many types, cardiomyopathy seems to be one of the most common. Heart diseases in aging cats almost always end up in congestive heart failure or CHF, wherein the heart’s ability to pump blood is compromised. This causes a lot of felines to just writhe in pain and sometimes just lay down. This could be relieved with CBD treatment, for it can alleviate pain just as effectively as any analgesic and causes no psychoactive effects.

Arthritis is also one major problem in aging felines. Studies have shown that 90% of cats over 12 years of age are likely to have signs of arthritis, according to Vetstreet. Perhaps you may have noticed your cat lacking the enthusiasm to jump on and off furniture or seems stiff after standing up, then arthritis could be the culprit here.

A Better Quality of Life

As a pet owner, you would only want what’s best for your pets, right? There are tons of ways to give them a better quality of life, especially in their golden years. Advances in the medical field have found ways to treat health issues associated with aging and one of them is CBD for cats. According to an article posted in Seven Leaf Pets, CBD oil will help take the discomfort and anxiety away as well as treat a number of medical conditions. You can reach Seven Leaf Pets at 775-453-4696 or through email at