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Healthy pet serving suggestions Per weight:
1-20 lbs. – 2 mg.
21-45 lbs.– 3 mg.
46-74 lbs. 5 mg.
Unhealthy pet serving suggestions Per weight: 1 mg CBD for every 2 lbs of weight.


General Health: 40-80 mg/day
Chronic Pain: 100-200 mg/day
Ulcers/Acid Reflux: 80-100 mg/day
Anxiety: 80 mg/day
Pre-Race/Performance 200-1,000 mg

Important: All animals are different. Much depends on the animal’s endocannabinoid system health. We recommend one of two dosing strategies. 1. Start with low dose and work up to find the optimal dose for the specific animal. Or 2. You can also start high to stabilize the animal and then work down to find where the most cost effective dose will be.