Hemp oil for dogs is already considered a wonder drug because of its medical benefits.  It’s excruciating to see your dogs suffering from this condition.  It’s hard to imagine that such majestic creatures flop to the ground and tread water that’s not even there.  This is most likely the worst thing to see in the eyes of a dog owner.  But now there’s a way to combat seizures and it’s all thanks to Seven Leaf Pets.  Let’s find out more about the seizures and how hemp oil can remedy this problem.  

What Causes Seizures in Dogs

A dog may suffer from seizures for a lot of reasons.  But a dog having seizure doesn’t mean that the dog has epilepsy.  It’s sad that there isn’t any test in the medical industry to determine epilepsy’s existence.  According to PetFinder, all dogs suffering from seizures should see a vet.  Don’t deny them that.  But why do dogs have seizures in the first place?

Usually the number one cause of seizures in dogs is head injuries or brain tumors.  As you all know, a brain tumor is an abnormal growth in the brain.  They grow from tissues in the brain and the their cause is also unknown.  Tumors sometimes cause pressure in the brain as they grow.  Vision loss, motor coordination, and seizures are the result of this pressure.

How Can You Tell If A Dog Is Having Seizures

Now you know some of the causes of seizures.  How then can you tell if your dog is suffering from it?  What will you see if your dog is having an episode?

First of all, they are a result of abnormal electrical activity in the brain according to Vets Now.  This causes your dog’s muscles to contract and relax in a rapid rate.  You would usually see your dog tremble and fall down, jerking at the same time.  Like I said earlier, there’s nothing worse than seeing your beloved pet suffer from an episode.

Hemp For Pets Working Its Magic

Most pet owners would find themselves helpless in these situations.  But try not to panic.  I know it’s easier said than done.  What you need to make sure of is that the surroundings are safe.  There are ways to ease this condition and one of them is hemp seed oil for dogs.  If you want to know more about hemp oil for dogs, visit 3495 Lakeside Drive in Reno, Nevada 89509.  You can also call them at 775-453-4696.  Seven Leaf Pets would be glad to help.