Chilly weather brings about situations where hemp oil for dogs comes as a necessity.  It’s not only winter’s dry, cold air that you have to worry about.  There are other forms of discomforts that you have to deal with.  This time time of season brings about a lot of issues, especially with ailing dogs.  Switching to alternative forms, like what Seven Leaf Pets is, of treatment is sometimes the best way to go.  Let’s talk about pet care during the winter months and how CBD can assist you with it.  

What Exactly Happens During the Colder Months

Cold weather comes with several different issues that pet owners face.  Believe it or not, winter can be as hard for dogs the same way as humans.  They need shelter from the harsh weather as well according to Dog Time.  Dogs that have medical conditions are more prone to discomforts.  This also worsens their current state.  

Some breeds can fight the cold better than others.  Long-haired breeds can outlast the cold better than short-haired ones.  You would most likely encounter skin problems during the cold months of winter.  Pups also need extra warmth.  It doesn’t matter if they’re healthy.  They are susceptible to the cold, way more than adult dogs.  Frostbite and hypothermia are your worst enemies.

Canine Care During the Winter

Temperature is something that you need to check during this time.  There are some dogs blessed with thick fur, there are some that need your attention.  Dogs with thin coats may need a sweater or coat during walks according to Dogs Naturally.  A cozy coat won’t prevent frostbite in the ears, feet, or tail though.  You may want to make sure you don’t let them out in the open for too long.  Speaking of temperature, you may want to go out when the sun’s up.  It’s better to take little to no risk at all, right?

Braving the Cold With Hemp For Pets

Medical conditions like arthritis that become quite difficult to handle during winter.  Painful inflammation of the joints cause chronic pain and it breaks the heart of any pet owner.  Pain management is easy with hemp oil for dogs.  Know more about hemp oil dogs by reaching out to Seven Leaf Pets.  Come and see us at 3495 Lakeside Drive Reno, NV 89509 or call 775-443-4696.  We’d be more than happy to talk to you about the benefits of hemp oil for your beloved pets.