There are a lot of medical issues treated with dog marijuana today.  Use of medical marijuana has decreased cases of major health problems.  Thorough research conducted have proven marijuana’s effectiveness against various medical conditions.  The best thing about it is that animals are also included in the continuing progress.  One of the most common issues that pets have is about visual impairments.  I would attest to it that this is quite a troubling matter for most pet owners.  

Vision Problems in Dogs And How To Spot Them

Like humans, animals almost always have the same medical issues.  And there is no telling when these kinds of things may happen.  Age has never been a factor for visual problems in pets.  At any age, your beloved pet may actually get some sort of visual impairment.  It is your job as a pet owner to watch out for the signs and symptoms of any impending issue.  According to PetMD, infections and hereditary diseases are usually the culprit.  Although it’s understandable for some to experience gradual loss of vision as they age.  But how do would you be able to identify the condition in its early stages?

First of all, you would need to know what’s normal for your dog.  This way you would be able to identify if something’s not right.  There’s lots of ways to know if your dog is having problems with their vision.  One thing you’ll notice is their lack of reaction or them being easily startled.  If it takes time for your dog to recognize you from a distance then that could already be a problem. Notice how excited they were before when they see their favorite treat?  If that doesn’t happen anymore, there’s a good chance they’re having visual issues.  

The Obvious Things

There are times that you would not be able to spot any behavioral changes in your pets.  That’s why you may need to focus on what you can see with your own eyes.  Look for crustiness, discharge, or teariness according to WikiHow.  Take a look at their pupils and make sure they’re of the same size.  Cloudiness of the eyes is also one thing that you should definitely check.  

Dogs Cannabis Appears To Be A Promising Remedy

Dog marijuana has a lot of medical uses.  You can’t deny that it’s a powerful drug with many medical benefits.  If you want to know more about dog marijuana, contact Seven Leaf Pets at 775-453-4696.  Drop them an email at  I’d recommend going to 3495 Lakeside Drive, Reno, Nevada.  Let’s talk face to face.